A month with my own iPad

So I got the iPad2 when it came out in Canada and although I kinda underestimated the original iPad, because there wasnt enough apps or content that would warrant me getting it, lack of a camera meant that I couldn’t do FaceTime with anyone, and it was a first edition. But the iPad 2 came out and I rushed to the store to pick one up, and boy did it blow my mind.

It first showed it’s true colors when I updated my work MacBook to the latest version of OS X and the whole thing died on me. Pulled every trick in the book to revive it, but alas, it was done for. So while I waited for the sys admin to trying and figure out what to do with it, I relied on the iPad to continue working, and it came through with bright and shining colors.

First off, it saved my ass in being able to email back clients and coordinating work. If that was the only thing I needed to do, it saved my ass. But it went further, and got me on the file sharing network, and I could edit reports with iWork, instant message with the team, update my calendar and more. It was amazing that no one in the office noticed I wasn’t on a laptop only until they came over to ask me a question and realize that I bought the new iPad and ooohed and aaahed in amazement at how thin it is.

But that was work, and now I find myself using this bad boy as my main device at home. I even stopped brining back my work laptop and doing everything I need on the iPad. My favorite use for it is when I go out for a shoot, and want to really see what I got without having to sit at the Mac mini at home in my room. I just plug in the camera connector kit, slide in the SD card, import the photos and I got instant large screen viewing of my pictures. Great for triage, and only keeping the best shots of the day. Also comes in handing when I’m not sure if you got a good shot and can’t tell from the small screen on the camera, I get a better view on a large screen without too much hassle. Though I would love to be able to do some preliminary work on photos right on the device. Rating photos, light and basic touch ups here and there. Would be a great workflow tool before I go in to Aperture on the Mac.

On a day to day basis, I use the iPad for emailing, calendaring, Facebook, Netflix, reading on the kindle, instant messaging and doing some light research and blog updates. With more and more specialized apps that take the interface beyond expectations, I see this as being my main tool and only going back to a laptop or desktop for when I need to do really heavy work like intensive reports and spreadsheets, photo editing and design intensive tasks.

So far, I’m loving this bad boy and how it’s changed the way I do things, and its so much lighter than lugging a laptop around. Best part is you don’t have to take it out of your bag when going through security checks at the airport. Bonus!!

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