The final show of the inlayers project

It’s been a year in the making, but the final show of the inlayers project is finally done, and available for all to watch.

Note: If your gonna watch this, sit back and get comfy, its 40mins long

This project was quite the challenge from the beginning. Collaborating with a bunch of people, most of whom I’ve never met, and probably won’t meet anytime soon. Who worked in Calgary while I was mostly in Montreal, and then travelling through Hong Kong, Sydney and Auckland. Communicating only via email, Facebook and sometimes skype (which did help in connecting with the team).

I was the only one in the project that was not actually there, so I hadn’t actually seen the rehearsals or whats going on in except through the episodes that were produced. I know some of the team, so it kinda gave me a feel for what was going on with them, but the rest, not really.

I have to say, its been a blast, and it was amazing working with some very talented people. Including:

Taryn Javier: Choreographer
Jenn Doan: Producer/Dancer
Natalie Poissant: Rehearsal Director
Kaelen Ohm: Videographer
Melina Stinson: Dancer
Pamela Tzeng: Dancer
Ralph Escamillan: Dancer
Simon Portigal: Dancer

Check out all the episodes at or on the page ,

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