Email has gone mobile with 61% opened on mobile devices

The holidays seem to always skew web stats as people travel around, spend more (or less) time with family and disengage with their regular routines. And email is definitely one of those stats that gets messed with at this time of year.

But it seems that its following a trend that is not going to go anywhere. More people are checking their emails on their mobile devices. Be it smartphones or tablets, thats where, according to Litmus, the email testing services, 61% of emails are opened on mobile phones.

This does make sense. We mostly all have emails on our smart phones, and its where we check it when we get that annoying that makes us succumb to our need to check it.

For those designing emails or are part of email marketing campaigns, this infographic should prove insightful.

Source: Litmus — Where Do Webmail Users Open Email?

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