Oh Samsung! Face Palm

If this year didn’t bring us enough bad advertising, for awkward products, Samsung had to swoop in last minute and take the award for creepiness with their latest ad for their Samsung Gear smart watch.

Jack, the sexy stud with the Gear watch, tries to impress a girl with his fancy tech by taking sneaky mid-action creepshots and suavely carries 2 glasses of wine while still chatting to her one the phone.

3bglyBBMeanwhile the other guy fumbles and drops everything he has a-la-late-night-infomercial.

The ad speaks volumes for itself, so there isn’t much to say but, get ready to hurt yourself double face-palming!

2 thoughts on “Oh Samsung! Face Palm

  • CT Moore

    Well, they got you talking about it, which got me to watch it, which gave then an opportunity to showcase the product’s features, which means that the ad has pretty much done it’s job…

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