Alan Turing Royal Pardon – Too late but not too little!

Alan Turing, considered the father for computer science, was pardoned by Queen Elizabeth II 61 years after his death.

Alan Turing poisoned himself in 1954, after being convicted of “gross indecency” in 1952, for being gay which was a punishable offence back then.

Anyone in computer science or technology knew Turing for his famed Turing Test which was the benchmark for testing artificial intelligence, and his code breaking work with Allied Forces that helped turn things around against the Nazi’s and win WW2.

But even with all his contributions to computing, science, mathematics and country, he was chemically castrated for his homosexuality and persecuted publicly.

Turing memorial statue plaque in Sackville Park, Manchester

Turing memorial statue plaque in Sackville Park, Manchester

His pardon by the Queen, granted last Monday (Dec 23rd 2013), comes far too late, but not too little to venerate a man who did so much in his lifetime.

We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.

– Alan Turing

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