Are you thinking of picking up a Programming Language?

I’ve been thinking of picking up another programming language for the new year, you know, just to keep them wits sharp about the web. Even though I know what I wanted to pick up, I decided to find out what the web has to say about it all, and I stumbled on this wonderful infographic from Udemy. Mind you, it is a little dated (from back in early 2012) but I think the information expressed in it is still relevant.

I primarily program in PHP, and in my early days have dabbled in Ruby and Ruby on Rails (RoR). I think I ended up using PHP solely when I picked up the Symfony Framework for a project to build a Facebook app back in 2007 and I stuck with it for good. Symfony was the only real RoR like framework out there at the time and it was/is amazing.

Nowadays, I mainly build WordPress themes and plugins and dabble on the side with a few personal projects using PHP/Symfony. But I think I might give Python a go just to add that notch under my belt (and because it looks like a lot of fun).

And from the non-serverside programming languages, JavaScript with Node.js is something that I’m considering heavily. More on that soon.

What languages do you work with, and why? Answer in the comments.


Infographic by Udemy

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