Why you should focus more on Google+ in 2014?

Let’s face it, Google+ has its work cut out for it when it comes to its popularity. With everyone and their dog making fun of how no one hangs out in the social network, and how Google doesn’t understand “social”. College Humor even has a video taking one hell of a swipe at the search giants attempts to push people in to joining the try-hard social network.

These days I’ve taken a bit of interest in Google+, mostly because of Facebook fatigue, but there is something about it that is starting to make sense. I like its visual layout, and how content flows smoothly. It’s quite easy to move around topics, and filtering the noise based on circles is killer. Sigh… I wish Facebook had that (kinda does but it sucks).

As a photographer, I have taken a great liking to it because it’s a great place to showcase your work, and discuss with others on techniques and styles.  God knows there are more than enough communities to join in every niche of photography to explore and learn. It has replaced Flickr for me in a lot of ways.

On the marketing and promotion front I’m looking at Google+ as a way to disseminate content and reach an audience. You would say “What audience?”. Well Google boasts almost a billion users which I’m sure a lot of those users are inactive or are cross pollinated from Gmail and Youtube.

There is more to it than that. Google has made sure that the impact of the social network on its search results is something to take into consideration as a content publisher and/or a business. Connecting search results with content authorship, brand pages and business directories with Google+ in the centre, Google has turned the social network in to an SEO and marketing strategy point.

This infographic from Techmagnate illustrates the various avenues you might consider looking in to Google+ for SEO and Social Media strategy going forward.

If your still not convinced, here is an extensive Google+/Search/Authorship case study on the impact of Google+ on a sites traffic.


Why You Must Focus on Google Plus

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