Busting Poverty Myths with Bill Nye

For his 2014 Gates Annual Letter and #STOPTHEMYTH campaign , Bill Gates brought in science educator and Abraham Lincoln look-a-like Bill Nye The Science Guy to help dispel some myths about world health and poverty.

In true Bill Nye style, he explains how much (or how little) of the US national budget is spent on world aid, and its impact on the world stage, and especially Africa.

The main highlight though, is the breakdown of the causes of global deaths. Surprise, the majority of deaths in most poor countries is not war and natural disaster, but preventable communicable diseases. An astonishing 83% of children under 5 years old die of such preventable diseases.

I find this to be an incredible campaign to tackle myths that prevent people from participating in making the world a better place.

You can follow the campaign on Twitter with the #STOPTHEMYTH hashtag.

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