Can you survive without your cellphone?

[lead]I will be the first to scoff at this question, insecurely answering “Pffft… of course I can!”, but my girlfriend next to me will be shaking her head with a disapproving grimace.[/lead]

Yes, I’m a smart phone addict. I’ve been an addict since I got my first cell phone back in high-school in the mid 90’s and I’ve had almost every iteration of new phone since. I fell in love with text messaging when I accidentally discovered it on the Vodafone network in New Zealand before they officially rolled out SMS as part of their new 2G network. I went gaga for the high-speed 3G networks I was introduced to in Tokyo during a short trip there to see an uncle in 2004. Back then, It was one hell of a glimpse into the future. And when the iPhone came out… oh dear lord, when the iPhone came out…. Mind = BLOWN!!


Nowadays, everyone has a smart phone, and everyone is connected. With text messages, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we do not pass a single solitary moment without pulling out our trusty loneliness slayer. Waiting for someone at a bar, check Facebook. Going grocery shopping, listen to music or a podcast. Running on the treadmill at the gym, watch an episode of something on Netflix (I know a lot of people who do this).

I see my own addiction tells and twitches in everyone around me these days. I once thought it was a phase and there was no such thing as phone addiction, but the proof is in the numbers, and the numbers don’t lie. This awesome infographic tells one hell of a story about how we live our lives through a tiny 4 inch screen that fits in our pockets.


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