Content Creation is not the only way to SEO

There is quite the banter these days in my circle of digital marketing friends about content creation, content marketing, content strategies and how this is increasingly important for SEO.

While this is true, many consultants hit a wall when working for clients who, for many reasons, can’t invest the time, resources or money in the realization of a content strategy. This is especially the case for smaller business just starting up.

Implementing a content strategy and doing it well is a long-haul commitment. Unless you are dedicated, or can outsource it to experienced content creators, it can fall flat on its face.

When the goal of content creation is for SEO, one should always take a step back to revisit the basics. Is the site primed for SEO? Is the site easily crawl-able? Is the current content optimized for relevant keywords of today? Is the site’s page load speed as fast as it can be?

By improving what already exists, there are other ways to better a site’s SEO and its rankings. Among many options, a few favourites are; updating the site’s meta descriptions, improving inter-linking on posts and boosting page load speed.

This whiteboard friday video by runs through 6 things you can do right now, with little investment, to increase your rankings and improve the foundation of your sites SEO.

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