Can English be more complicated than French?

[lead]Around January I picked up French night school classes at a local government language school. My decision to pick up French has nothing to do with the awkward political climate we are experiencing in Quebec. I just figured I should be better at it now that I’ve been in Montreal for almost 6 years. [/lead]

Though I studied French in the Middle East when I was in my early teens, and revisited it in University in New Zealand, I haven’t be able to hold a long conversation and tend to fumble a lot with tenses and grammar.

My experience so far has been interesting, only because I held the belief that English is a reasonably easy language to learn only because it’s so unstructured and the rules are quite simple. In French, every rule has its exception and there are a lot of exceptions that get very confusing.

Then I stumbled on this lil video, that brought a few things in perspective. Since English is not as strictly structured as French, the exceptions are implicit, which can make it very hard to master.

Watch the video and you’ll get it.

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