Profile-squareI remember the first time I got to use the internet. It was 1994, I was 14 years old. My friends and I would hang out at the local cultural centre in Abu Dhabi. Then one day computers arrived at the centre. We logged on for the first time and were hooked. From there on in, we went as often as we could, laying down our monthly allowance for a few hours of internet bliss — which in those days meant animated GIFs, blinking and scrolling text. I may have been young but I already knew it: The web was bonkers awesome.

Two decades later and ten years into my career as a web developer, I still feel the same way.

After Abu Dhabi my family moved to New Zealand where I earned a Bachelor in Information Systems and Computer Science. After graduating I spent time as a project and test coordinator for Auckland’s municipal government. Then, after a year long trip around the world, I landed in Montreal, where I’ve been building sites, Facbook Apps, strategizing digitally and managing projects for companies large and small ever since.

I grew my project management and digital marketing strategy muscles during my two year tenure at iProspect (formerly NVI) — one of the largest SEO agencies in Canada. As digital strategist, account and project manager I facilitated relationships between developers and clients, met deadlines, crafted strategies, formed partnerships and built amazing products for international brands. In 2012, I went rogue and took up freelancing, working on projects for individuals, small businesses and multinational brands.

My second love is photography and my portfolio continues to expand with coverage of Montreal’s music, dance and social events.

A passionate people person and a tailored professional, my mission as a web developer, digital strategist and human being is to bring people together and help them achieve awesomeness.

Need more details? Check out my resume on LinkedIn.