I get the question a lot of what the difference between a web developer and web designer is, and in a lot of ways they are similar, they are worlds apart. I found this awesome info-graphic that describes it very well.

Help Mo raise money for worthiest of male charities! The fight to save me from prostate cancer. Movember is on in full swing and I will be sporting the most dashing (creepy) of moustaches for the cause.

It amazes me that we are nearing 2011 and with all the cloud computing, integrated software, open standards and social networking, the last missing key to the puzzle is calendaring.

My family is from Sudan, but I’ve never lived there and pretty much estranged from it, but I’ve been interested in the whole Darfur conflict since it began because, from all the things that have been happening in Sudan, from the North/South war, nothing has had as much western coverage as this conflict.

So I recently got an iPad temporarily for 1 week. I installed all the apps I can't live without on my iPod Touch, with their respective iPad friendly version. My initial feelings about the iPad were quite positive, and the experience was a lot of fun.

This video was soo good it had me in tears! He must of been very bored or very happy to be working at cisco.

Either way, one hell of a fun way to pass your time at work, instead of surfing Facebook like I did when I found this clip.

This has been one hell of an intense FIFA World Cup so far, with all the big dogs out, and the scrappy underdogs gnashing out for survival. Whose your favourite team, and who do you think will win?

I was getting ready for work, and was about to close the lid of my Macbook Pro, when I felt the excitement on the commentators voice, and quickly pulled the lid back to see a beautiful cross connecting with Winston Reid's head, and BOOOM