The Tech that Talks

I've been developing only responsive websites now for over a year, and it is becoming more and more important these days. There are a lot of reasons to go responsive, and there is a lot of design and UX/UI thought that needs to go in to it.

I get the question a lot of what the difference between a web developer and web designer is, and in a lot of ways they are similar, they are worlds apart. I found this awesome info-graphic that describes it very well.

It amazes me that we are nearing 2011 and with all the cloud computing, integrated software, open standards and social networking, the last missing key to the puzzle is calendaring.

So I recently got an iPad temporarily for 1 week. I installed all the apps I can't live without on my iPod Touch, with their respective iPad friendly version. My initial feelings about the iPad were quite positive, and the experience was a lot of fun.

It's become a very normal thing to get several invites via LinkedIn or Facebook to become someones contact a day or two after you meet them. More often than not, you wont see that person again, or not for a long time, but you will see their lives unravel before your eyes as long as they are in your social sphere. The question is though, how much do you know these people really? Even when you know every mood they've had, every picture they are in, and every event they are going to!

So the iPad is finally out, and the reviews are mixed. For the most part, it was disappointment since our imaginations ran wild with crazy speculations on what this device would do, its user interface and capabilities.