Paysages Ephémères

Mohamed Hamad

Paysages éphémères is based on the book by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, and it is centered on five cities from the book: Valdrada, Eudoxia, Leonia, Melania and Olinda. The purpose of this collaboration between various musicians, dancers, and video/photo artists is to create an imaginary city inspired by five selected cities that could remind audiences of their own city.

Paysages Ephémères is collaboration between Solomiya MOROZ (direction and music composition), Julien-Robert LEGAULT SAVAIL (live video) and Marc Genya ST-ARNAUD/Melina Stinson (choreography) and Maxime Boisvert (photography). The details and descriptions of five cities are meticulously interwoven into a multi-media and multi-disciplinary dance, music and video production with improvisations contributing to the interactivity of the performance.

With participation of Adam Basanta – computer (electronics), Jean-Félix Mailloux-Desjardins – contrabasse, Adam Kinner – tenor saxophone, Krista Martynes – bass clarinet, Solomiya Moroz – flute, Tony Spina – drums, Ingrid Wissink – violin, and dancers: Melusine de Maille, Melina Stinson, Marc-Genya St.Arnaud, Mellisha Dow and Miriah Brennan.