Soul Sister Photography

Mohamed Hamad

Melanie Boisvert of Soul Sister Photography is a Calgary-based photographer who spent a year in Montreal after her stint in Europe, specifically France. A talented photographer pushing to make her living from photography, I worked with Melanie to update her website, which was previously built on the template service Wix.

The previous website was flash-based, slow, unintuitive and not mobile friendly. I sought out to bring an elegant look to Melanie’s site with open spacious whites so her photos take centre stage. Building on simplicity, we cut down on all the bells and whistles and concentrated on her photos and the experience around them.

Melanie was one of the main photographers for, where I’m editor-in-chief. Her work has been showcased regularly.

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Melanie Boisvert
Mohamed worked with me to find just what I was looking for, he was efficient, concise, and very knowledgeable.

Melanie Boisvert

Photographer, Soul Sister Photography