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I attended the gsummitx - Gamification in Montreal event at the offices of I Can Go Without , where my very good friend, Jihane (@JihaneElAtifi) works, and they had Gamification expert, Gabe Zicherman (@gzicherm) speaking about, well Gamification.

This video was tough to watch as it brought a hidden reality of what people, and especially women of colour go through with their self identity. Racism is a serious issue, and it effects all of colour, but its implications on how we view our selves and its impact on our psychology is not highlighted as much.

Professor Philip Zimbardo reveals how our individual perspective on time affects our work, health and well-being. This RSA Animate is adapted from Zimbardo’s lecture at the RSA.

A beautiful poem on the Arabic TV show “Prince of Poets”, on the childhood ideals of a united arab world, and how his dreams have been shattered in adulthood by the current reality and the failure of Arab leaders.

Just saw this video posted on Facebook and found it amazing. I hope people see this and get the message that treating people equally and right makes a big difference. And when your down, to keep your chin up and keep going… coz it gets better.