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It amazes me that we are nearing 2011 and with all the cloud computing, integrated software, open standards and social networking, the last missing key to the puzzle is calendaring.

It's become a very normal thing to get several invites via LinkedIn or Facebook to become someones contact a day or two after you meet them. More often than not, you wont see that person again, or not for a long time, but you will see their lives unravel before your eyes as long as they are in your social sphere. The question is though, how much do you know these people really? Even when you know every mood they've had, every picture they are in, and every event they are going to!

Social media and the openness of sharing is bringing us all closer together, and putting our relationships and actions in the forefront. The question is, where are we going with all this? Have we had a better or worse experience with this transparency, and what will it mean to our privacy in the new decade?